Information for Attendees

All the technical sessions for the Workshop will be held in Room 2006 of the Engineering Building (called the S.J. Carew Building) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The University is about a 10 minute drive from downtown, where the Quality Hotel and Delta Hotel are located. A shuttle bus service will be provided. See below for more details.

Technical Program and Presentation Requirements

The technical program is now available. Please note that each paper is given 25 minutes including time for questions. Presenters will have a choice between (1) an overhead projector and (2) an LCD projector with a computer supporting PowerPoint 2000 and with the ability to connect up a laptop. It is recommended that you bring overhead tranparencies/foils as backup to any electronic presentation.

Social Events

  (1) Wednesday, August 14
      Welcoming Reception at Crow's Nest Officers Club
	Time:        7:30 -  9:30 
	Directions: See below for directions to Crow's Nest.
  (2) Thursday, August 15
      Banquet at Fluvarium
            6:30 -  7:30, Pre-dinner Reception (cash bar)
            7:30 -  9:30, Dinner
        Directions: Shuttle bus will be provided. See below for details.
        If you would like to bring a guest to the banquet, you may
        order extra banquet tickets, complete and fax banquet ticket form.
  (3) Saturday, August 17 
      Tourism Excursions (*** Not included with registration fee. ***)
            8:30 - 12:30, Puffin and Whale Watching Boat Tour
            2:00 -  5:00, Excursion to Signal Hill / Cape Spear
            Whale watching - Bus will leave Quality Hotel at 8:30 
               and Delta Hotel at 8:40. Bus will return to downtown
               hotels around 12:30.
            Signal Hill / Cape Spear - Bus will leave Quality Hotel at 2:00
               and Delta Hotel at 2:10. Bus will return around 5:00.
In addition, lunches and refreshment breaks will be provided on Thursday and Friday.

Directions to the Crow's Nest

The first event of the conference is the welcoming reception at the Crow's Nest on Wednesday, August 14, 7:30 to 9:30. The Crow's Nest is located downtown on Water Street; it is on the top floor of the building pictured. This is close to the hotels and is not within walking distance of the University. You can find the Crow's Nest by getting to the War Memorial between Duckworth Street and Water Street. Once you are at the War Memorial, from Water Street, the Crow's Nest is off the path on the right (looking away from the harbour). You must enter the gate located at the side of the building (the gate is up the stairs in the picture but is not visible); once through the gate, you will ascend a flight of stairs outside and then take one more flight of stairs to the top floor inside. The following directions and map of downtown will help you find the War Memorial and, subsequently, the Crow's Nest.

From Quality Hotel    - Take Water St. west to the War Memorial. 
From Delta Hotel      - Take BartersHill/Waldegrave towards the harbour until
                        you reach Water St. Take Water St. east for about
                        10 to 15 minutes until you reach the War Memorial. 
From University       - Take a taxi from the University to the War Memorial.

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus will be available to conference attendees to travel from the downtown hotels to the University in the morning and from the University to the downtown hotels in the evening. The times for the shuttle are:
	From			To			Leaves
	----			--			------

Thursday, August 15:
	Quality Hotel		University		8:00 a.m.
	Delta Hotel		University		8:10 a.m.

	University		Delta/Quality Hotels	5:30 p.m.
	University		Fluvarium (banquet)	6:30 p.m.
	Quality Hotel		Fluvarium (banquet)	7:00 p.m.
	Delta Hotel		Fluvarium (banquet)	7:10 p.m.

	Fluvarium (banquet)	University/Hotels	9:30 p.m.

Friday, August 16:
	Quality Hotel		University		8:00 a.m.
	Delta Hotel		University		8:10 a.m.

	University		Delta/Quality Hotels	5:30 p.m.
** Note that the shuttle bus schedule gives attendees the option of briefly returning to their hotel between the last talk and the banquet (at the expense of missing most of the pre-dinner reception). Alternatively, attendees can take the shuttle to the Fluvarium from the University at 6:30 for the pre-dinner reception.
** Also note that the Fluvarium is very close to the University and, if the weather is nice, it is a very pleasant walk around a lake (actually called "Long Pond") ranging from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on whether you take the short or long route.