Accepted Submissions

Preimage Attacks on 3-Pass HAVAL and Step-Reduced MD5
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Willi Meier and Florian Mendel

Improved Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Camellia
Wenling Wu and Lei Zhang and Wentao Zhang

On Software Parallel Implementation of Cryptographic Pairings
Philipp Grabher and Johann Groszschaedl and Dan Page

Bounds on Fixed Input/Output Length Post-Processing Functions for Biased Physical Random Number Generators
Kyohei Suzuki and Tetsu Iwata

A Cache Timing Analysis of HC-256
Erik Zenner

Distinguishing Multiplication and Squaring Operations
Frédéric Amiel and Benoît Feix and Michael Tunstall and Claire Whelan and William P. Marnane

Public Verifiability from Pairings in Secret Sharing Schemes
Somayeh Heidarvand and Jorge L. Villar

Collisions and other Non-Random Properties for Step-Reduced SHA-256
Sebastiaan Indesteege and Florian Mendel and Bart Preneel and Christian Rechberger

Faster Halvings in Genus 2
Peter Birkner and Nicolas Thériault

ECC is Ready for RFID - A Proof in Silicon
Daniel Hein and Johannes Wolkerstorfer and Norbert Felber

Preimage Attacks on One-Block MD4 and Full-Round MD5
Kazumaro Aoki and Yu Sasaki

Basing a Hash Function on a Block Cipher
Shoichi Hirose and Hidenori Kuwakado

An Improved Fast Correlation Attack on Stream Ciphers
Bin Zhang and Dengguo Feng

Cryptanalysis of a Generic Class of White-Box Implementations
Wil Michiels and Paul Gorissen and Henk D.L. Hollmann

Cryptanalysis of Tweaked Versions of SMASH and Reparation
Pierre-Alain Fouque and Jacques Stern and Sébastien Zimmer

Building Secure Block Ciphers on Generic Attacks Assumptions
Jacques Patarin and Yannick Seurin

Algebraic and Correlation Attacks against Linearly Filtered Non Linear Feedback Shift Registers
Côme Berbain and Henri Gilbert and Antoine Joux

Efficient Pairing Computation on Genus 2 Curves in Projective Coordinates
Xinxin Fan and Guang Gong and David Jao

Improved Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SMS4
Jonathan Etrog and Matt Robshaw

New Linear Cryptanalytic Results of Reduced-Round of CAST-128 and CAST-256
Meiqin Wang and Xiaoyun Wang and Changhui Hu

HECC Goes Embedded: An Area-efficient Implementation of HECC
Junfeng Fan and Lejla Batina and Ingrid Verbauwhede

Analysis of RadioGatún using Algebraic Techniques
Charles Bouillaguet and Pierre-Alain Fouque

A Three-Property-Preserving Hash Function
Elena Andreeva and Bart Preneel

On the Exact Success Rate of Side Channel Analysis in the Gaussian Model
Matthieu Rivain

Trinomial bases and Chinese remaindering for modular polynomial multiplication
Eric Schost and Arash Hariri

The Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem and Equivalent Hard Problems for Elliptic Divisibility Sequences
Kristin E. Lauter and Katherine E. Stange

Counting Functions for the k-error Linear Complexity of 2n-Periodic Binary Sequences
Ramakanth Kavuluru and Andrew Klapper