All talks will take place in the Science Theater, room 143 (ST 143). The welcome reception and lunches will take place in the Great Hall of the Rosza Centre. Please see the campus map for the location of these venues.

Wednesday, August 12:

The welcome reception/registration, sponsored by Microsoft Research, will be held in the Rosza Centre Great Hall from 5:00PM to 9:00PM on Wednesday, August 12th.

Thursday, August 13:

Conference registration will take place from 8:00AM to 12:30PM outside of room ST 143.

8:35 0:10 Opening  
Hash Functions 1 (ST 143). Chair: Stafford Tavares
8:45 0:25 Practical collisions for SHAMATA-256 pdf
9:10 0:25 Improved cryptanalysis of the reduced Grøstl compression function, ECHO permutation and AES block cipher pdf
9:35 0:25 Cryptanalyses of Narrow-Pipe mode of operation in AURORA-512 hash function pdf
10:00 0:15 Break  
Miscellaneous Techniques (ST 143). Chair: Roberto Avanzi
10:15 0:25 More on Key wrapping pdf
10:40 0:25 Information-theoretically secure multi party set intersection revisited pdf
11:05 0:25 Real traceable signatures pdf
11:30 0:10 Break  
Invited Talk, Jan Camenish (ST 143). Chair: Rei Safavi-Naini
11:40 0:50 Privacy Enhancing Cryptography: Theory and Practice
12:30 1:30 Lunch (Rosza Centre, Great Hall)  
Hash Functions 2 (ST 143). Chair: Orr Dunkelman
14:00 0:25 Cryptanalysis of hash functions with structures pdf
14:25 0:25 Cryptanalysis of the LANE hash function pdf
14:50 0:25 Practical pseudo-collisions for hash functions ARIRANG-224/384 pdf
15:15 0:30 Break  
Hardware Implementation and Cryptanalysis (ST 143). Chair: Martin Schlaeffer
15:45 0:25 A more compact AES pdf
16:10 0:25 Optimization strategies for hardware-based cofactorization pdf
16:35 0:25 More on the security of linear RFID authentication protocols pdf
17:00 0:25 Differential fault analysis of Rabbit pdf
17:25 0:25 An improved recovery algorithm for decayed AES key schedule images pdf

On Thursday evening, the conference banquet will take place at the Redwater Grill. For directions from the University to the Redwater Grill, please visit our directions information page.

Friday, August 14:

Start Duration Event PDF
Block Ciphers (ST 143). Chair: Liam Keliher
8:45 0:25 Cryptanalysis of the full MMB block cipher pdf
9:10 0:25 Weak Keys of the Block Cipher PRESENT for Linear Cryptanalysis TBA
9:35 0:25 Improved integral attacks on Misty1 pdf
10:00 0:25 New results on impossible differential cryptanalysis of reduced-round Camellia-128 pdf
10:25 0:15 Break  
Modes of Operation (ST 143) . Chair: Krystian Matusiewicz
10:40 0:25 Format-preserving encryption
11:05 0:25 BTM: A single-key, inverse-cipher-free mode for deterministic authenticated encryption
11:30 0:10 Break  
Invited Talk, Andreas Enge (ST 143). Chair: Michael Jacobson
11:40 0:50 Elliptic complex multiplication in cryptography
12:30 1:30 Lunch (Rosza Centre, Great Hall)  
Implementation of PKC (ST 143). Chair: Nicolas Theriault
14:00 0:25 On repeated squarings in binary fields pdf
14:25 0:25 Highly regular m-ary powering ladders pdf
14:50 0:25 An efficient residue group multiplication for the eta pairing over F3m TBA
15:15 0:25 Compact McEliece keys from Goppa codes pdf
15:40 0:30 Break  
Hash Functions and Stream Ciphers (ST 143). Chair: Vincent Rijmen
16:10 0:25 Herding, second preimage and trojan message attacks beyond Merkle-Damgaard pdf
16:35 0:25 Cryptanalysis of Dynamic SHA(2) pdf
17:00 0:25 A new approach for FCSRs pdf
17:25 0:25 New cryptanalysis of irregularly decimated stream ciphers pdf
17:50 0:10 Closing pdf