Accepted Papers

Affine Masking Against Higher-Order Side Channel Analysis
Guillaume Fumaroli asnd Ange Martinelli and Emmanuel Prouff and Matthieu Rivain

A Low-Area yet Performant FPGA Implementation of Shabal
Jérémie Detrey, Pierrick Gaudry, and Karim Khalfallah

Attacks on Hash Functions based on Generalized Feistel -- Application to Reduced-Round Lesamnta and Shavite-3-512
Charles Bouillaguet, Orr Dunkelman, Gaëtan Leurent, Pierre-Alain Fouque

A Zero-knowledge Identification Scheme Based on the q-ary Syndrome Decoding Problem
Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Pascal Véron, Mohamed El Yousfi Alaoui

Batch Computations Revisited: Combining Key Computations and Batch Verifications
Rene Struik

Cryptanalysis of Luffa v2 components
Dmitry Khovratovich, Maria Naya-Plasencia, Andrea Roeck, Martin Schlaeffer

Discovery and Exploitation of New Biases in RC4
Pouyan Sepehrdad, Serge Vaudenay and Martin Vuagnoux

Distinguishers for the Compression Function of Blue Midnight Wish with Probability 1
Jian Guo and Søren S. Thomsen

Generalizing Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks: Cryptanalysis of the Lightweight Block Cipher KTANTAN
Andrey Bogdanov and Christian Rechberger

Hill Climbing Algorithms and Trivium
Julia Borghoff, Lars R. Knudsen, Krystian Matusiewicz

Implementation of Symmetric Algorithms on a Synthesizable 8-Bit Microcontroller Targeting Passive RFID Tags
Thomas Plos, Hannes Gross, and Martin Feldhofer

Improved Truncated Differential Analysis of ECHO
Martin Schläffer

One-time Signatures and Chameleon Hash Functions
Payman Mohassel

On the Diffusion Properties of Generalized Feistel Structures
Kyoji Shibutani

On the Minimum Communication Effort for Secure Group Key Exchange
Frederik Armknecht and Jun Furukawa

Optimal Covering Codes for Finding Near-Collisions
Mario Lamberger and Vincent Rijmen

Optimizing DPA by Peak Distribution Analysis
Jing Pan, Jerry I. den Hartog, Jasper G. J. van Woudenberg, Marc F. Witteman

Matthieu Finiasz

Preimages for the Tillich-Zémor Hash Function
Christophe Petit and Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Security Analysis of SIMD
Charles Bouillaguet, Gaëtan Leurent, Pierre-Alain Fouque

The Differential Analysis of S-functions
Nicky Mouha, Vesselin Velichkov, Christophe De Cannière, Bart Preneel

Tweaking AES
Ivica Nikolic

Wild McEliece
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Christiane Peters

Zero-sum Distinguishers for Iterated Permutations and Application to Keccak-f and Hamsi-256
Christina Boura and Anne Canteaut