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Paper Submission


SAC 2012 Presentations


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Martin Albrecht and Gregor Leande, “An All-In-One Approach to Differential Cryptanalysis”.

Zhenyu Huang and Dongdai Lin, “A New Method for Solving Polynomial Systems with Noise over $F_2$ and Its Applications in Cold Boot Key Recovery Polynomial System with Noise”.

Yoni De Mulder, Peter Roelse and Bart Preneel, “Cryptanalysis of the Xiao-Lai White-box AES Implementation”.

Digital Signatures

David Galindo and Srinivas Vivek, “A Practical Leakage-Resilient Signature Scheme in the Generic Group Model”.

Andreas Hülsing, Johannes Buchmann and Christoph Busold, “Forward Secure Signatures on Smart Cards”.

The Stafford Tavares Lecture

Vincent Rijmen, “Extracts from the SHA-3 competition”.

Stream Ciphers

Alex Biryukov, Gaëtan Leurent and Arnab Roy, “Cryptanalysis of the ‘Kindle’ Cipher”.

Kalikinkar Mandal and Guang Gong, “Cryptographically Strong de Bruijn Sequences with Large Periods”.

Alex Biryukov, Aleksandar Kircanski and Amr Youssef, “Cryptanalysis of the Loiss Stream Cipher”.


Farashahi Reza R., Hongfeng Wu and Chang-An Zhao, “Efficient Arithmetic on Elliptic Curves over Fields of Characteristic Three”.

Gurleen Grewal, Reza Azarderakhsh, Patrick Longa, Shi Hu and David Jao, “Efficient Implementation of Bilinear Pairings on ARM Processors”.

Jithra Adikari, Anwar Hasan and Christophe Negre, “Towards Faster and Greener Cryptoprocessor for Eta Pairing on Supersingular Elliptic Curve over F_{2^{1223}}”.

Nisha Jacob, Sirote Saetang, Chien-Ning Chen, Sebastian Kutzner, San Ling and Axel Poschmann, “Feasibility and Practicability of Standardized Cryptography on 4-bit Micro Controllers”.

Friday, August 17

Block Cipher Cryptanalysis

Takanori Isobe and Kyoji Shibutani, “All Subkeys Recovery Attack on Block Ciphers: Extending Meet-in-the-Middle Approach”.

Keting Jia, Leibo Li, Christian Rechberger, Jiazhe Chen and Xiaoyun Wang, “Improved Cryptanalysis of the Block Cipher KASUMI”.

Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang, “Meet-in-the-Middle Technique for Integral Attacks against Feistel Ciphers”.


Jean-Charles Faugère, Christopher Goyet and Guenael Renault, “Attacking (EC)DSA Given Only an Implicit Hint”.

Thomas Plantard, Willy Susilo and Zhenfei Zhang, “Lattice Reduction for Modular Knapsack”.

Invited Talk

Ian Goldberg, “Privacy Enhancing Technologies for the Internet”.

Hash Functions

Hongbo Yu, Jiazhe Chen and Xiaoyun Wang, “The Boomerang Attacks on the Round-Reduced Skein-512”.

Aleksandar Kircanski, Yanzhao Shen, Gaoli Wang, Amr Youssef, “Boomerang and Slide-Rotational Analysis of the SM3 Hash Function”.

Elena Andreeva, Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink, “Provable Security of BLAKE with Non-Ideal Compression Function”.

Block Cipher Constructions

Tomoyasu Suzaki, Kazuhiko Minematsu, Sumio Morioka and Eita Kobayashi, “TWINE: A Lightweight Block Cipher for Multiple Platforms”.

Shengbao Wu, Mingsheng Wang and Wenling Wu, “Recursive Diffusion Layers for (Lightweight) Block Ciphers and Hash Functions”.


Matthieu Finiasz and Kannan Ramchandran, “Private Stream Search at Almost the Same Communication Cost as a Regular Search”.

Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon, Benoit Gérard, Mathieu Renauld and Francois-Xavier Standaert, “An Optimal Key Enumeration Algorithm and its Application to Side-Channel Attacks”.