In Cooperation with IACR

The 24th Annual Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 16 - 18, 2017

SAC Summer School (S3)

Secure and Efficient Implementation of Current and Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms

The purpose of S3 is to provide participants with an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of specific areas of cryptography related to the current SAC topics by bringing together world-class researchers who will give extended talks (half-day or full-day) in their areas of specialty. S3 is designed to create a focused learning environment that is also relaxed and collaborative. The SAC Summer School is open to all attendees, and may be of particular interest to students, postdocs, and other early researchers.

S3 will take place at University of Ottawa from August 14–15, immediately before the SAC Conference. To register for S3, please visit the S3 registration page.

The theme for the school this year is “Secure and Efficient Implementation of Current and Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms” and will be comprised of the following topics and speakers:

Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms (Full-Day)
Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
Douglas Stebila, McMaster University, Canada
David Jao, University of Waterloo

Public Key Cryptographic Algorithms (Half-Day)
Tanja Lange, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Daniel J. Bernstein, University of Illinois at Chicago

Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms (Half-Day)
Orr Dunkelman, University of Haifa

Slides for the Summer School talks can be found here.

We are very grateful to Communications Security Establishment (CSE), whose generous financial support for SAC 2017 was directed toward bringing in high-quality invited speakers for the SAC Summer School and the SAC Conference. Thank you very much!