In Cooperation with IACR

The 24th Annual Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 16 - 18, 2017


Do you need a visa?
Citizens of many countries do not require a visa for a brief visit, but visitors from most countries now require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

How do I apply?
Check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to see if you need a visa or an ETA. CIC also has a “Come to Canada” wizard to help you find the correct application for the travel document(s) that you require. Be sure to apply early if you need a visa or an ETA as there can sometimes be lengthy delays.

What if I need a letter of invitation?
Please contact Carlisle Adams to see if an invitation letter can be issued.

Travel Stipends

Microsoft has very generously offered to to direct their SAC 2017 sponsorship money toward students attending the SAC Summer School and/or the SAC Conference. Note that any student may apply, but the target is that at least half the students supported are female. If there are very many applicants, preference will be given to students that have traveled a significant distance to attend SAC.

To apply for a stipend, please send an e-mail to Carlisle Adams with "SAC 2017 STIPEND" in the title before the end of the SAC Conference. The amount of the stipend will depend on the total number of students supported. Stipend recipients must be physically present at the Summer School and/or the Conference. Stipend funds will be sent to recipients shortly after SAC 2017.