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Invited Speakers

Carlisle Adams

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Ottawa

Title:  SAC25: A Retrospective

Abstract:  SAC25 takes a quick look at the past quarter-century of the conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography, reflecting on the many ways it has grown and on some of the impact it has had over the years.

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Andrey Bogdanov

Associate Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Technical University of Denmark

Title: Whitebox Cryptography

Abstract: Hardware, operating systems and applications get increasingly complex. In practice, this invalidates the standard assumption of a trusted computing base for the software implementations of cryptographic algorithms and calls for additional mechanisms to protect cryptographic keys. These real-world protective countermeasures are referred to as whitebox cryptography. This talk gives an overview of the basics as well as some recent advances of this field with applications to block ciphers.

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Adi Shamir (Stafford Tavares Lecture)

Paul and Marlene Borman Professorial Chair of Applied Mathematics
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science

Title: Machine Learning in Security: Applications and Implications

Abstract: As you know, machine learning is growing explosively at the moment, and there are many academic papers and companies which try to apply it to various security problems. A particularly interesting subfield is the phenomenon called adversarial machine learning, which uses machine learning techniques to sabotage other machine learning systems. In my talk I'll survey the field and describe some of my own recent research on this topic.

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Stafford Tavares (Special Guest)

Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Queen's University

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